Rehan Hassan

How This Young Entrepreneur is Conquering the
ECommerce Space in 2021
Meet Rehan Hassan, the founder of Marketing Mayhem, the parent company that generates Multi Millions of dollars online, and is behind many leading eCommerce brands.
Starting out from his bedroom back in 2006, Rehan founded his way online to purse this online dream of building and running a successful business.

In early 2011 he started his first eCommerce store, selling ladies fashion via the top social media channels just a FacebookTM and later on InstagramTM. He realized a gap in
the market for a products like these, being the first of its kind. He then expanded into newer product categories discovering innovative products.

Over the past decade Rehan has used his vast extensive knowledge of the industry to tap into global market trends and is redefining the digital world.

Rehan now lives and operates his business from The Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest building in Dubai, UAE. He is definitely living life on his own terms and loves to travel as
much as he can.

Starting out, all he had was $500 on his credit card that he used to invest and grow these brands he mentions.

“You have to spend smart, and focus on the right aspects of the business, to ensure you remain profitable and can continue to grow. If you are considering starting an eCommerce business yourself, it’s the easiest time in history to do so.” says Rehan.

He also has some tips for new Entrepreneurs that maybe thinking of starting out.

Create more than you Consume.

It’s very easy to get side tracked and get stuck at absorbing content all day. The real magic comes when you create, So create daily
Rehan Hassan

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